1. Who can do E-Consult :

We have set up this unique feature to enable patients who wish to take the opinion of Dr. Sangeeta Agrawal but cannot do so in person, because:
1. They live outside Mumbai or outside India.
2. They would like to discuss their clinical issue, obtain an opinion and then travel to meet Dr.Sangeeta Agrawal for treatment.

2. What does E-Consult offer :

There are many women who stay in small towns/ village in India and/ or outside India where the best of medical services may not be available. Sometimes a woman may have seen a local Gynecologist but may want a second opinion. We facilitate this through E-Consult.
Here are a few examples to explain how E-consult can benefit you.

For Example:

1. You have a breech presentation and are not sure whether you should go for normal delivery or C-section. .
During E-Consult we can discuss what is a breech presentation and pros and cons of vaginal delivery V/s C-section. We cannot decide the mode of delivery for you but we can help you in your decision making.

2. You have heavy/ frequent periods and are above 40.
We can discuss the investigations to be done and how to interpret results. We can then discuss different treatment options that are available such as medicines, intrauterine systems to control bleeding, balloon treatment, ablation therapy and removal of uterus. We can discuss each option in detail, benefits drawback, and risks etc. you can then decide to take treatment from a doctor convenient to you in your city or else you can come and see Dr. Sangeeta Agrawal

3. You are newly married and want to know how you can avoid a pregnancy.
In an E-Consult we can discuss various options like condoms, birth control pill, intrauterine devices, vaginal ring, and injection. We can discuss benefits and risks for each method and help you to choose a method that best suits your needs.

(Please note that in an E-Consult we cannot give you a prescription. You will need to see a local doctor for the same.)

4. You have a fibroid and you need to know what next?

In an E-Consult we can discuss the impact of fibroids on your body, periods and childbearing. We can discuss if any treatment or any intervention is required at all. If you do need to remove it then we can discuss the various methods of treatment. There are certain conservative treatments like HIFU and there is the option of surgery i.e. Open surgery V/s Laparoscopic surgery. We will discuss the pre op/ intra op/ post op procedures that are routine for this surgery.
After the discussion you will be able to decide what treatment option suits you and in case you decide to go for the surgery, you will be able to go for it with confidence and without fear.

3. How to Book E-Consult?

If you wish to book an E-Consult
1. Please fill the Form and Mail it to us.
2. We will then send you a proposed date and time.
3. you will need to make payment (see payment option)
4. Once we receive the payment we will confirm the Date and Time and send you the SKYPE ID for E-Consult.
5. E-Consult will be for duration of 30 minutes. It can be extended at discretion of the Doctor.
6. Charges : Consult for 30 mins – Rs. 2000/-

It is important to understand that during e-consult, the doctor can offer
1. Counseling
2. Information regarding the diagnosis, investigations required and
3. A general overview of treatment options.

E-Consult Form