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It is quite common for patients from all over the world, especially from Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah – UAE (United Arab Emirates), Riyadh, Jeddah – Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Doha – Qatar, Muscat – Oman, Singapore and Philippines from Southeast Asia, to visit Mumbai, India to seek gynecological advice and abortion treatment from Dr Sangeeta Agrawal.

About the Doctor

  • She has trained in a premier institute of India and obtained the MD.
  • She has worked in the UK and obtained FRCOG
  • She is attached to world class tertiary care hospitals for indoor patients
  • She has her private consulting rooms in Prabhadevi which is a plush south-central area of Mumbai.
  • She provides patient friendly, scientific, practical solutions to your gynecological problems keeping in mind the highest legal and ethical values.

Common Gynecological Problems Treated:

  1. Irregular / Delayed periods – many women have delayed irregular periods. Hormonal imbalance and PCOS are the common cause. Many women may also have acne (pimples), facial hair growth, and be overweight. Some women with PCOS may also complain of difficulty in getting pregnant. Dr Sangeeta
    is an expert in managing PCOS and hormonal problems.
  2. Heavy periods: it is common for young girls to get heavy periods in the first few years of puberty. Heavy periods are also common after 40 years of age. In the young girls it is easily treated with hormones. In the women who are above 40, there are many options. It is a common myth that one will need to remove the uterus. But in modern times there are many simpler options. Hysteroscopy, dilatation and curettage and LNG-IUS insertion will need half hour in the operation theater, one day in the hospital and one night in India. Removal of uterus is mainly required in cancer, prolapse, and very large fibroids.
  3. Fibroids: these are soft tissue tumors and are common. They are benign, and can vary in size and location. They may be totally asymptomatic or may cause pain, heavy bleeding, may be felt as a lump and in some cases may be cause of infertility. Fibroids can be easily treated, depending on your age,
    your symptoms and child bearing need. It is possible to remove fibroids or uterus as required by laparoscopic surgery.
  4. Inability to get pregnant: there can be many cause such as blocked tubes, PCOS, uterine defects etc. In present times with technological advances it is possible for most women to conceive and have a baby. One needs appropriate investigations such as blood tests, sonography, hysteroscopy and
    laparoscopy. Then one needs correct scientific treatment in form of assisted reproductive techniques, and surgery, IVF.
  5. Endometriosis: it is the presence of uterine lining outside the uterus. Women complain of pain during periods, pain during sex, infertility, irregular periods and generalized pain in lower abdomen. On sonography one see complex ovarian cyst which is commonly called chocolate cyst. Women with
    endometriosis may require laparoscopic surgery to remove chocolate cyst, then medical management. They may require assisted reproduction if they are not able to conceive.
  6. Prolapse and urinary symptoms: many women complain that they feel their uterus is moving downwards and have associated urinary urgency, frequency, and sometimes leaking on cough and sneeze. These symptoms are easily treated and Dr Sangeeta is an expert at handling these problems and will provide treatment most suitable to the needs of the women.

Services to facilitate your stay

  1. When you come to Mumbai, please carry all your reports and medicines if any.
  2. We can get blood tests, sonography and all necessary investigations done in Mumbai as per need. Nevertheless it is advisable to bring all old records that you may have done before.
  3. In case you need a surgical procedure then
    • We will do the same in any of the hospitals that Dr Sangeeta Agrawal is attached. Each one is a tertiary care center with state-of- the-art facilities, great ambience and hospitality.
    • Dr Sangeeta has a highly qualified team of Doctors, anesthetists, physician, surgeons as
      required to look after all the medical needs and safety.
    • The staff is very polite and will make you feel at home.
    • It is a legal requirement to have an accompanying adult person with you. It is not permitted
      to take you to the operation theater in case you are alone.
  4. In case you require taxi facilities from the airport, we will share some taxi numbers.
  5. You will require Indian currency. We can help you with the contact numbers of foreign exchange in Mumbai.
  6. We also provide services on Sunday and bank holidays if it is booked in advance.
  7. Feel free to email /sms or call in case you need further information
  8. We ensure that you have the best medical treatment in a very safe legally approved center in a cost effective manner and you will leave with very pleasant memories and an everlasting professional relationship with the doctor.

We offer special services to international patients.

1 Day Abortion Procedure

Our experience for over 20 years has allowed us to streamline the abortion procedure smoothly within the shortest time.The abortion procedure is pre-planned to meet the convinience of patients from abroad who have time constraints and confidentiality preferences.A patient can fly to Mumbai in the morning and after checkup, blood tests and sonography the abortion procedure is initiated as per pregnancy status of patient. The patient can be discharged the same day.1 Day Procedure is applicable for upto 12 weeks only. For Second Trimester Abortion the procedure may vary as per status of pregnancy and health status of patient.

Our 1 Day Abortion procedure allows patients to travel to and fro within a stipulated time without changing their regular schedules or taking a break from office or personal life.

Click here to see the convenience of our 1 day abortion procedure.

Legal and Safe Abortion Procedure

Abortion has been legal in India since 1971. An abortion can be performed in India until the 20th week of pregnancy. We strictly follow all procedures prescribed by the government and at licensed clinic and nursing homes in Mumbai as may be chosen by client.

We make sure the procedures are done keeping patient safety and comfort in mind. Our abortion clinic offers a very clean and comfortable environment. The examinations are done very gently and sonography facilities are available in house if required.

Confidentiality Guarantee

Confidentiality and privacy are extremely important for clients, who sometimes may not want any family members or their GP to know about their abortion procedure.

Our physicians and professional staff will provide private and confidential one-on-one treatment and will support you every step of the way. We respect the confidentiality of all patient interactions.

If you choose to include your spouse, partner, parent, other family member, or friend in your visit to our office, we will welcome their participation and address their concerns if any. If you choose to maintain strict confidentiality, we will support you in this decision.

Affiliated with Best Hospitals in Mumbai

Abortions for less than 7 weeks can be conducted at our centrally located clinic / hospital in Mumbai.
We are also affiliated with best of Clinics / Hospitals in Mumbai including Bombay Hospital (Mumbai), Breach Candy Hospital (Mumbai) and Seven Hills Hospital (Mumbai) for Medical Abortions
We also offer abortion services at registered Nursing Homes as per patients convinience and requirement.

Travel, Visa and Forex Assistance

India offers visa on arrival and e-visa facilities to many countries including Major Middle East Countries like UAE, Oman etc, Many African countries and East Asian Countries like Singapore, Thailand, Japan etc.

We can help you connect with an IATA certified Travel Agency which can take care of all your travel requirements as may be required by you.

Forex Services are also offered by certified Travel and Forex Agencies located nearby.

Transport Facilities

Mumbai has a well connected Taxi Service including Public Taxi Services which are available as a prepaid service at the airport. Basic to Premium Fleet Taxi Services too are available for hire on prior requests Tel. No’s and Details can be made available from our travel desk / clinic.

Our Clinic is Centrally Located in Prabhadevi which is in the centre of the city. Landmark of Siddhivinayak Temple is well known in the city by everyone.

The Best Route to take from the airport to Dr. Sangita Agrawal’s Clinic is via Western Express Highway & then from BANDRA-WORLI SEA LINK and then follow the directions to Prabhadevi.

No Hotel Room Required

Our 1 day abortion procedure is managed in a time bound manner allow patients to be discharged the same day. Patients can travel back to their respective countries either the same day or next depending on abortion procedure and patient comfort.

You may not require a hotel room at all. This helps you save money.

Dr. Sangeeta Agrawal

Consulting Room: Room No.23, 2nd Floor, Nav Bhavna Building, Veer Savarkar Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai – 400 025
Tel. No’s:
+ 91-22-24312821
+ 91-98202 21675

The Best Route to take from the airport to Dr. Sangita Agrawal’s Clinic is via Western Express Highway and BANDRA-WORLI SEA LINK and then follow the directions to Prabhadevi.

We are
-> after Bengal Chemical,
-> before Kohinoor Hall and
-> above Marshall Wall Paper.

Directions to Reach:

International Patients visit us from:

  • Dubai
  • Abu Dhabi – UAE
  • Muscat – Oman
  • Kuwait
  • Philippines
  • Africa
  • Europe
  • Riyadh – Saudi Arabia